For the Attention of the Parents

  • Good communication between the parents and the school staff is best for the healthy growth of the students.
  • Parents (Father or Mother)/ Guardian should attend all the parent- teacher meetings when it is convoked by the School authority.
  • Parents should make sure that they see the progress report every month and sign it within two days. In case of any doubt, they should meet the school authority.
  • Parents are not allowed to go to the class rooms and meet the students or teachers when the class is going on. In case, anybody wants to meet any student during class time, first come to the administrative office and from there proper directions will be received.
# # #
  • Parents should regularly monitor the behavior and study habit of the student at home and report to the teachers if they find anything unusual.
  • Any lapse from the part of the teachers should be brought to the notice of the authorities and necessary enquiry and action will be taken.
    • Any communications, report or complaint of the parents / guardians should be addressed to the principal or Correspondent.
    • Parents / Guardians are not allowed to deal directly with the teachers of the school regarding any complaint.
  • Parents should not encourage leave or absence of their ward to attend weddings (other than blood relations) or other routine social or religious functions at home.
  • Parents should make sure that their ward is dressed in full uniform from your home itself.
  • Application for Transfer Certificate should be made in writing to the correspondent five days in advance. And no parent can demand transfer certificate before scrutinizing by the school office.
  • Pupil joining or leaving the school in the middle of any term must pay the fees for the entire year.