Rules for Students

  • The School hours are as follows:
    Nursery Classes from:
    • I to VIII from : 9.05 a.m. to 3.50 p.m.
    • IX to XII from : 8.30a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  • Students should bring this diary regularly to the school. Students are forbidden from bringing any other book other than their text books and notebooks of study to the school.
  • Speaking English is compulsory in the campus and failure to it can result in punishment.
  • A student, who once entered the school compound, cannot go without permission. outside
  • Students are responsible for their conduct both inside and outside the school and they can be called to account for it. If occasions arise, only the Parent/Guardian whose signature is given in this diary will be allowed to speak for the child.
  • Leave should not be taken without prior information and in case of unexpected sickness, leave letter should be produced at the time of return. Students should keep in mind that irregular attendance is a sure cause of failure and under achievement in studies. Absence is no reason for failure to do home works and study that day's lesson.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, negligence of homework, disobedience, disrespect towards members of the staff and bad moral influence justify dismissal.
  • Any serious breach of discipline and disrespect and disobedience to the members of the school staff inside or outside the school premises will be treated seriously.
  • Students are not allowed to give gifts to teachers for any reason.
  • Students are not allowed to see their parents or visitors during school hours.
  • It is compulsory for the students to take part in physical exercises and games. All students till 8th Std must participate in one of the activities conducted on Saturdays.
  • Mobile Phone is strictly forbidden in the school compound and if any student is found with mobile phone will incur the loss of the mobile phone and will not be allowed to enter their class without first bringing their parents. If a student is caught with mobile phone more than once would result in the dismissal of the student from the school.
  • Students are advised not to bring any valuable articles to the school and they are not allowed to wear any gold ornaments in the school. Only the students are responsible for the safety of their belongings like books, fountain pens, cycles etc.
  • It is the duty of all the students to keep their class rooms and the school compound clean and in order. All waste papers and other such wastes should be put in the dust bin and before leaving the class room at the end of the day, the students should arrange the desks and chairs in order, put off the lights and fans, close the windows and throw the waste paper and waste materials in the dust bin and leave the class room.
  • It is forbidden to write on the wall, desks, throw paper or ink or in any way damage the school property. Damage done to buildings, furniture, library books, sports items, etc must be paid for at the discretion of the administrator of the school.
  • Filtered drinking water is provided in the school. It is the duty of each student to keep the surroundings of the water filter clean and healthy.
  • Any student found to have taken other student's belongings will face immediate suspension.
  • Any reliable information that a student has used drugs, smoked, taken any intoxicating drinks/ drugs or such things like Pan Parag all types of Supari, can lead to the parents being immediately summoned and the student being dismissed from the School.
  • Progress reports will be shown to the parents after Only grades will be written in the Progress card. every examination.
  • Copying and including in any malpractice will lead to the student being debarred from further examinations; parents are summoned and the student will be asked to discontinue from the school.
  • Promotion to the next higher class will depend on the student's performance in the quarterly, Half Yearly, annual examinations and total attendance.